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Green Reach Trust

Organic Farming, mushroom cultivation, Liquid wood vinegar from smoke and etc




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Welcome To Green Reach Trust

logo-finalGreen Reach Trust (GRT)is a new all volunteer service created to make an impact on waste management. Through   education and training.Green Reach Trust foster Awareness and understanding of the benefits of sustainable waste management and improvement in people’s health, environment and economy.Our mission as a non-governmental organization is to empower villagers by offering them the training and support they want and need to lift them out of poverty.Lack  of knowledge on recycling of degradable and non degradable waste in school children and communities  Read More>>


Plant a Tree

GRT is actively involved in the processes of increasing the green cover in the drought prone target villages trees are planted on the sides of the roads ReadMore>>

School Garden

aviary-image-1466942735833We promote the school and kitchen gardening We have 52 school health clubs, 30 eco friendly clubs and 21 small doctors clubs in our adopted school ReadMore>>

waste is displaced resource

IMG20180126093159We promote organic food like mushroom cultivation in discarded plastic bottle through this process in our eco clubs we produce 150 g per bottle daily. ReadMore>>

Kitchen Gardens

Food insecurity is a pressing problem for the people of Tamil Nadu they experience first the effects of climate change which has brought lengthy droughts ReadMore>>

Self-Help Groups

GRT works  to empower disadvantaged and underprivileged villagers in  Tamil trustphoto4Nadu by providing  them with the knowledge and tools to determine ReadMore>>

waste make a compost

People can make their own fertilizer for  garden or farm using organic waste from their own kitchen or yards  . If we dump organic waste it can attract pests   ReadMore>>

Rain Water Harvesting


In tutucorin district of Tamilnadu have more coastal and salt pan villages there is available annual rainfall is 595.5mm – 794.5 mm so that the depletion ground  Read More>>

prosopis tree manage 

Wood Vinegar is a by product of charcoal production. It is a liquid (pyroligneous acid) generated from the gas and combustion of fresh wood burning in an airless condition.  Read More>>

Waste is Wealth

We are helping people turn waste into wealth by making compost. In each year we are planted 50000 saplings in school and waste land   by mobilizing  eco-friendly Read More>>



“Training on Organic and Inorganic Waste Management”

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