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About GRT

Green Reach Trust(GRT)

Our Vision

GRT is a new all volunteer service created to make an impact on waste management. Through   education and trainingaviary-image-1466942273998

Green Reach Trust foster Awareness and understanding of the benefits of sustainable waste management and improvement in people’s health, environment and economy

Our Mission

Our mission as a non-governmental organization is to empower villagers by offering them the training and support they want and need to lift them out of poverty.2016-06-30 21.09.23

Facing Our Problems

Lack  of knowledge on recycling of degradable and non degradable waste in school children and communities.

  • Lack of awareness on environmental education among the school children and local communities
  • In tamilnadu 50% of the agricultural land is occupied by prosopis juliflora trees and its dangerous harmful trees to human, animals and observe ground water it causes savior drought and water scarcity
  • Here most of the people are practiced simply cut the prosopis juliflora  trees and make it for charcoal production during that period the smoke emission come out from heap of the charcoal and it contamination of the air pollution it causes dry skin and eye disease
  • Lack of awareness about organic fruits and vegetables production in take of nutritional food for school health clubs and local communities.
  • During that agricultural operation season the agricultural waste is tamp on the roadside and simply burnt it causes of air pollution
  • In agricultural most of the farmers are practiced in enormous chemical fertilizer, pesticide to crops and it causes land and food poison.

What we do

1. Recycling of school and agricultural waste make it for vermin compost by school health clubs

aviary-image-14669421192362. During that charcoal production ( prosopis Juliflora ) harmful tree the smoke has been collected through a iron pipe and it condensed by water. The outcome of smoke converted in Liquid wood  vinegar from smoke and it used for natural insecticide of kitchen garden and agriculture crops.

3. We are promote the organic food of mushroom cultivation on waste water  bottle through echo

clubs and local communities

4. We are promoting the organic school and kitchen gardening through eco clubs and health team.

5. We have 52 school health clubs, 3 eco friendly clubs and 21 small doctors club in our adopted

school of villages.

6. Builds the skills of local people to deliver practical solutions to the waste crisis in their own


7. We are helping people turn waste into wealth by making compost.

8. In each year we are planted 50000 saplings in school and waste land by mobilizing eco friendly

clubs and communities

9. Training and awareness on Eco friendly clubs and local communities.