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Compost Fertiliser

Make Compos manure from Organic Waste

DSC00448People can make their own fertilizer for garden or farm using organic waste from their own kitchen or yards. If we dump organic waste it can attract pests and spread disease. But people can make money from it! One of the best things we can do with organic waste is to make compost from it. Compost is a very useful manure for farmers and gardeners. It is practical to make it in the rainy season, when the wet and humid conditions make composting very easy.
Carbon-rich material can bewoody organic waste such as small branches, dry leaves, coconut husks and groundnut/peanut shells,or nitrogen-rich material and smelly organic waste such as dung or fish.

There are two different ways of composting:

1. The heaping method: do this for 4 to 5 weeks and then the compost is ready.

2. The pit method: do this for 6 to 7 weeks and then the compost is ready.



  • Soil Conservation
  • Save environment
  • Low cost
  • Organic food
  • Save he soil fauna and flora

Make a compost by pot-min

Demostrate the waste manage