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Rain Water Harvesting

Baby pond for drinking waterRainwater Harvesting Tank

Rainwater Harvesting Tank

In Tutucorin district of Tamil Nadu there are many coastal and salt pan villages.The annual rainfall is 595.5mm – 794.5 mm,but due to poor retentionthe level of ground water has gone down,resulting in very acute water scarcity throughout the year. In that situation we promote rain water harvesting from school and community buildings, by construction of ferro-cement tank systems.


  1. .The water capacity of the ferro-cement tank is 10,000 litres; it is constructed as an underground egg-shaped tank.
  2. Roof areas may be concrete.
  3. It needs 37 m2 or 400sq. ft. of roof area.
  4. Collect the water from roof top and filter into the ferrous tank by a filtering system composed of small stones/gravel, sand and charcoal in a 1:1:1 ratio
  5. 5cm rain per day for one hour is enough to accumulate around ten thousand litres of water in one year.



  1. The amount of water collectedis enough for one year’s supply for drinking and cooking purposes for a family of 4 or 5.


  1. This tank is very suitable for coastal regions and areas whereless water is available.


  1. This tank is very suitable for areas which lack or have unreliable sources of electricity.


  1. The tank does not need much maintenance.


  1. Water in the tank is protected from contamination.