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Our Trustees

President  : Mr.K.Kaliraj B.Sc agri, B.Ed

K.Kaliraj B.Sc agri , B.Ed, President.

Mr.K.Kaliraj B.Sc agri , B.Ed, President.

“When I started my social work I had five eco friendly clubs we started working part time job in 12 villages with evening training on waste manage, tree plantation and community organization.

Waste managent is the most important part of what we do; we are not concerned about how much we can do but about how much we can enable the community to do.

Our biggest challenge has been working with the community and school students regarding the environmental protection we learn how to help from the people you’re helping. My main message in the work I do is to love the people and to go and share in their lives. Inorder to understand what they are going through. I was a field worker for many years living a very simple life. That was how it started.

Mr.K.Kaliraj has a degree in agricultural sciences from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. He also has a degree in education.He is now an agricultural teacher at schools in Kovilpatti in Tamil Nadu, in the south of India. These are the people who will make sure the new generation understands in a way adults never could. When they grow up they will not need convincing or persuading, it will be part of their worldview.

Mr.K.Kaliraj is a one-man environmental movement, helping students at padarthapuli primary school, thonukal middle school, pudur high school and vanarapatty higher secondary school. Mr.K.Kaliraj worked with Cletus Babu at scad NGO as a project coordinator agricultural scientist with Indian council of agricultural research in New Delhi and is now organizing and running his own projects. His work includes running  more than 50 eco-clubs in different school. The clubs’ activities include tree planting, making kitchen gardens, and training on climate change and awareness on health issues.

His latest project is the ‘Little Doctor Club’, which raises awareness among school children of the benefits of personal hygiene, sanitation and waste management  


It’s been a very busy and successful year for Mr.K.Kaliraj (even though he is a physically challenged person). He organized Green Village Day with the involvement of school children and village leaders. He conducted training on waste management in biodegradable waste and non-biodegradable waste for school children. As the rainy season got underway in Tamil Nadu he organized the planting of 50,000 trees at school and individual students’ homes, supplying 10 trees to each student: this included mango, citrus, banana, guava, azadirata indica (neem), tamarind, papaya and drumstick.

Secretary :  Mr.A.Murugeson B.A

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Treasurer :  Mrs.M.Kamala bai M.Sc.,B.Ed

Mrs.K.Kamalabai, Treasurer.

Mrs.K.Kamalabai, Treasurer.

Mrs.Kamalabai is basically master degree of environmental science studied at Annamalai University Mrs.Kamalabai has worked with school for the past 11 years as a teaching and coaching specialist.Her role is to train the school children in the school garden, organic garden, and environmental education, waste manage and tree plantation. She teaches both at the school training and out in the field among the communities.

Mrs.Kamalabai,arranges a community meeting once a week in the shade of a tree. The participants share all their problems and joys together; she is helping villages to organize themselves to improve living standards for all.

Executive Member : Mr.M.Ganeson B.A

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